Surviving over a year video taken down

Due to the video being significantly lower quality than I was expecting (it looked different in the editor! I swear!) I have taken the video down and will be re-editing it and uploading the new version within the next few days.


If someone is gonna actually sit down and watch three hours of my video, I want it to be WORTH watching.

0.1.5d Released and new Leaderboards!

Hooray! Another day another new version! This time they have gotten rid of the dreaded infinisleep bug among other things! Here’s the shortlist

  • Hypochondria and uncooked food no longer cause damage and pain, just illness. We’ll make the effects more pronounced later, but as it stood it was game breaking
  • Character creation button clicking fixed

Read the full blog here or download the newest version here.

And with the new version(s) including durability and a lot of other neat things such as multi-stage barricading, I have decided to reset the leaderboards. Post your new high scores now to get to the top!

0.1.5c Released!

Hooray! A new patch! That means new things to explore! Here are the change details from the offical blog

Optimizations - Hopefully a ton less lag.
Less rain.
Various bug fixes.
NPC tweaks – Less chance of hostile NPCS. A bit more varied behaviour. Still needs work but we’ll keep adding to it.
Multi-stage barricades
Increased sound muffle effect of being in/out buildings or different rooms
Slowed down horde movement.
teehee I love my spiked baseball bat, SQUISH, SQUSH, hehehe SQUISH, SNAP oh…

I’ll be doing a playthrough of this sometime soon. Probably tomorrow or the next day!

Updated Crafting

With the new update comes new recipes! I have updated the crafting page with “Door” and will add more as more are found. I have also made it easier to find by adding it directly to the navigation bar on the left! Enjoy! To see the full recipe list you can also click here.

Upcoming features

Lemmy was kind enough to post some news about new things that will be coming in patches AFTER this one (don’t expect these coming out this Sunday) but it looks good, and I’m excited to be playing the game in the coming weeks! Read the full post here.

Here are the important parts:


After this nightmare update finally goes live, we’ll be reverting back to smaller but frequent updates, Continue reading

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