Upcoming features

Lemmy was kind enough to post some news about new things that will be coming in patches AFTER this one (don’t expect these coming out this Sunday) but it looks good, and I’m excited to be playing the game in the coming weeks! Read the full post here.

Here are the important parts:


After this nightmare update finally goes live, we’ll be reverting back to smaller but frequent updates, likely weekly but perhaps slightly quicker or slower than that depending on the particular update’s size. Some stuff to look forward to in the next few updates:

NPCS - 80-90% of the work required to get more NPCs into the game has been done in this update (as well as it providing modders with everything they need to script their own NPCS in their own stories) So as of this point, future updates will more likely have extra NPCs popping up from time to time, both random and scripted. To start with we’ve got a new character in the Kate & Baldspot story. And even more excitedly, on Binky’s copy of DPaint he currently has a certain underweared and headless girl base-sprite on his screen that will become the basis for a fully healed Kate, walking and shooting and whatever. And from there a multitude of other female player and NPC characters.

New Map Section – Mash has been hard at work making all the tiles necessary for the next map section while we’ve been fixing up this update. A new map section is coming not too long after this update ships! This will also open up the ability for modders to extend the world with completely new map sections themselves. There is one feature that’s needed before we can do this though, as when you move from one map section to the other it needs to dump the old one from memory… therefore we need:

Saving – Once we can save a map section to disk to allow travel between multiple map sections, it will be a small addition to provide save on exit, or constant saving while in a map section. No quicksave/load though. Sorry guys!