What is all this anyway?

Project Zomboid is a game by The Indie Stone. It is a very fantastic game that is currently in the early stages of development. The fact that it is so fantastic while being only a small percentage of what it is going to be is very exciting.


Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse survival sim. This isn’t Left 4 Dead where it is you and a few other survivors with a pile of guns. This is the story of how you die. You don’t get to be the hero. There is no cure. Eventually something will get you, whether it is the zombies, other survivors, starvation, dehydration, accidentally lighting yourself on fire, etc etc etc.


You must try to survive as long as possible by making yourself a safe house, going out and scavenging for food, avoiding the zombies, and so forth. Using the simple crafting system you can make useful things to help you survive, such as tearing up bedsheets to make bandages, putting some nails in a baseball bat to make it more dangerous or simply making a pot of soup.


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