Indie Developement: Thoughts on the delay

As you know, I am the webmaster of pzguides. It may not be apparent to some of you, but I am an avid gamer. I love gaming, I have played games all my life, starting with an old atari and moving my way up as technology improved. My steam game list has over 130 games on it. That’s a lot of money. I spend at least 7 hours a week gaming, and often many more than that. Why am I telling you this? So you will have an idea of where I come from when I talk about the new Indie way of developing games.

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Interview with The Indie Stone’s MashPotato

To start off the official launch of we have an exclusive interview with The Indie Stone’s MashPotato! Enjoy!

Adric: So Mash, being the only member of The Indie Stone from North America, how did you first get started with the team?

Mash: A few years back, there was a community called CGEmpire, which was focused on game creation and getting into the industry. It was run by a few people, including Chris, Andy, and Nickenstien. Continue reading

Site up and running!

The site is now fully functional, with only the mod and challenges sections still missing, they will be fixed in the next couple of days.. I have some great things in store for this site. I only have a few guides up right now, but I’m going to be going through the forums and getting the best of the best over the next little while

It’s 5:13 am here. I’m gonna make a few updates, and then the site is live!

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