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[0.2.0 Mod] Hunting Rifle with scope

Summary: Adds the Hunting Rifle to the game that allows an on-screen scope for picking off single zombies.

Download: You can download it here!

Additional Information: 

Adds the Hunting Rifle to the game that allows an on-screen scope for picking off single zombies.


Full features:

> Precision aiming using an on screen scope, similar to the game Mercenaries.
> A Bolt action rifle that you need which you need to manually operate and reload. The reloading is based almost exclusively on Stormy’s reload mod, which you should check out.
> The ‘Hunter’ profession that spawns a player with a Hunting Rifle, knife and ammo
> A small number of Hunting Rifles and Mags distributed around the map


Using the rifle:
> Reload with ‘R’ (no other buttons pressed)
> Chamber a round by pressing Ctrl and R

Choosing the Hunter profession will automatically spawn you with a Hunting Rifle, otherwise
they can be found in containers around the map.

You insert a mag by pressing R (with no other buttons pressed). You need to remain stationary
and otherwise not interrupt the timer bar, otherwise the reload will fail. Failed reloads can
be reset by attempting to fire normally, you should be able to retry.

Once the mag is in, you need to load each chamber manually. Do this by pressing Ctrl and R together.
You need to load the chamber after each reload and shot.
If you interrupt the timer, then repeat as you would with a reload by attempting a shot and re-trying.

Each mag holds 6 shots, you’ll need to keep count mentally to avoid being caught off guard.


For full details, check it out on the PZ forums.

Ringods ModTastic Pack

Summary: Hey guys, if youve seen my latest Surviving Project Zomboid series (ModTastic) you will know that i play it with no less than 8, yes, thats right, 8 different mods all installed at the same time and all playing nicely with each other. Well, you can now download the ModTastic Pack which includes all of the mods seen in my ModTastic series. Here it is:



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