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Video of the week

Video of the Week #15

For our 15th Video of the Week we have Maya from He does a good example of sandbox mode, even if he does make a few errors (clothing does nothing for protection, nor do darker shirts make it harder for zombies to detect you)

It’s worth a watch, and I’m looking forward to part two!

Video of the Week #11

We have a special VotW today. It seems that played the demo AND bought the full version after he heard about the recent burglary and setbacks. Good for you xelnos! We here at pzguides salute you! This is his first playthrough of the game besides playing around in the demo for a few minute, he wasn’t sure what to do with the pillow so tried giving it to Kate…


Video of the Week #9

This week we have a video of some guys doing their first run at sandbox mode. Watching them struggle with the zoom function and messing up their controls made me laugh. There are multiple parts but I decided the first one would be the one to put up. Watch the rest if you want!