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The latest Indie Stone Video (which can be seen here) showcases the new pistol system, including the differences between unskilled and max level in the firearms perk. This game gets better every week. In my opinion the devs need some down time. Someone order those guys a pizza! loading slowly

Sorry everyone! It seems this site is taking a long time for some people to load. 15-25 seconds it would seem. I’m working on getting to the bottom of it. I may have to switch hosting services. We shall see. I’ll try to have things running quickly soon enough!

Project Zomboid 0.2.0 in closed beta!

Wow guys! The time we have been waiting for is almost here! They are currently doing closed beta of the new build. When they are done ironing out the bugs we will get our hands on it! I can’t wait to make a new video! I can’t wait to reset the high scores! I’m so excited!

Congrats Paul Ring aka Ringod123

Ringod is now the newest member of The Indie Stone. He will be working alongside The Will Porter to bring the Kate and Baldspot story more… story. We should look forward to new chapters coming out faster in the coming months following the update, which is down to the final 3 tasks. With a little luck we may be playing this in less than a month! I can’t wait.
The full blog post includes screenshots of some new recipes and ways to kill zombies!

Five to go and optimization news!

Only five more tasks until we get our hands on the new release. The devs have made a new blog post explaining a workaround they figured to fix some of the optimization problems they were having. The game ran fine at normal modes, but on fast forward it slowed down a lot. It took several minutes to pass 8 hours or so. So they have implemented a “skyrim-like” wait system. It’s interesting and apparently works well. I suggest you read the full blog post for more information!

Q&A with the music man

This week we have an official blog post with a series of questions and answers with Zach Beever, the 16 year old wonderkid behind the music we all know and love. It is an interesting read! We are also down to 9 more things before we get our hands on the new version of the game.

Blog post here

PZGuides is moving up in the world!

I just noticed that is now on the second page of google when you search for “Project Zomboid” which is great! We moved up from the 15th page! I’d better get some new content out as soon as the update comes around! Thanks to everyone who uses this site. I’m glad you find it useful!