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New sprites!

Seems that The Indie Stone has been putting in a lot of hard work during this Easter weekend, as you can see by this YouTube video (watch it on High Quality!) Sure, everyone’s in their underwear right now, but DAMN they look more fluid. Throw some random clothes and hair on those zombies and BAM. Everything will look a hundred million times better than it did last week. Hot damn The Indie Stone is good. Good work guys (and girl!)



The latest Indie Stone Video (which can be seen here) showcases the new pistol system, including the differences between unskilled and max level in the firearms perk. This game gets better every week. In my opinion the devs need some down time. Someone order those guys a pizza! loading slowly

Sorry everyone! It seems this site is taking a long time for some people to load. 15-25 seconds it would seem. I’m working on getting to the bottom of it. I may have to switch hosting services. We shall see. I’ll try to have things running quickly soon enough!