Wow. Just… Wow. This looks fantastic.

I cannot WAIT to play this. I just watched the latest video The Indie Stone posted.

It’s looking to be a lot of fun.

It is now in the video section of pzguides: you can view it here.

Some new things I noticed in the video:

New music (yay!)

Ability to talk to npcs:  you can ask them to team up. Some of them are assholes and will make it so when you talk to them you can only respond angrily.

You can choose your “mood” (unless it is forced on you by an asshole response) which will effect how your character will respond.

If they do team up with you, you can order them to follow you (even though it doesn’t seem to work perfectly), guard a room, and a few other things.

It seems that after you kill zombies they now have a chance to get back up a short time later. That by itself adds an interesting dynamic to the game.

There seems to be a new button for “shout”. You press it and your character says “hey” or “over here” which can attract the attention of both npcs and zombies (if you need to lure them away from your safehouse or something)

I cannot WAIT. This looks like so much fun.